Sunflower field in Biei

Sunflower Dream

In 2 months time, we will be going back to Hokkaido, specifically in the Biei and Furano towns. To prepare for the upcoming journey and to get some much needed photographic inspiration, I re-watched the photography tutorials I bought from Elia Locardi (I highly recommend them!) and revisited the photos I took from 2013’s visit to Biei. Back then, I was using my Canon 5D Mark ii. I am now using a higher resolution camera but I realized that the most important thing in photography is vision (need to constantly remind me of this). I pulled out this photo as a warm up to practice Photoshop and general post processing. I reviewed Luminosity masking and also useful Photoshop shortcuts.

I plan to slowly build up my Post Processing skills again as our trip to Hokkaido approaches.


Critiques are welcome 🙂

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